The YFW- Portfolio

More than a simple company profile

A company profile on „Your -First – Way “ is like a small website . We present your company in a professional manner to nationally and international visitors.

Page 1 placement on your first way

A good presence in our Directory is not owed to a expensive entry. On YFW each portfolio will cost exactly the same. Visitors of YFW can find your business in two ways.

The map :

The YFW – Portal will use the positioning of the device from the visitors who came to our site (only if the visitor agrees) to displays all businesses in in the neighborhood from the visitor.


The search:

Of course, companies can also be searched using the filter characteristics (keyword, business, location). The list of search results is done in this case by the most relevant representation. So each company can affect the placement by itself.


The profile and its possibilities: pattern page

The Landing-Page of your profile should be like the initiation of a good book, so that your wants more. The visitors of your profile should quickly decide if your company corresponding to his requirements. In order to succeed we support by creating the profile for you. You will receive a list of requirements that we need for this and on this we will implement the profile for you.


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